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Laura's Areas of Expertise:

Optimal Startup Strategies

Progressive Leadership Development

Business Expansion and Profitability Tactics

Efficient Turnaround Implementation

Strategic Marketing and Business Blueprinting

Performance Metrics Management

The Elle Group,Executive Coach

Empowering Women Leaders

Laura Beechwood, affectionately known as Elle among her close friends, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey that spanned over twenty-five years. Her remarkable career began with establishing a manufacturing company, CDF, which she passionately nurtured from its inception to a global industry leader, all within the backdrop of a predominantly male-dominated sector. Throughout these decades, she encountered and conquered numerous challenges alongside celebrating notable successes. Drawing from this wealth of experience, Laura now imparts invaluable insights into leadership and business expansion through her coaching endeavors.

"In the formative years of my business, I navigated largely without guidance, relying heavily on trial and error. Looking back, the presence of a coach would have been an invaluable asset—providing direction in decision-making, emboldening risk-taking, and fostering self-assurance."

With this deep-seated understanding, Laura founded The Elle Group, specializing in Executive Coaching exclusively tailored for women. This venture amalgamates her substantial hands-on leadership understanding with a wealth of informed and best-in-class business practices, catering to a clientele of aspiring women leaders.
Laura's credentials stand as a testament to her expertise. She is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach accredited by The Center for Executive Coaching. Furthermore, she is a Certified Business Coach endorsed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and a registered DBT-Business Consultant. Laura also holds a master's degree (LIS) from Simmons University, underlining her commitment to continuous growth and learning.

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