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Who We Serve

Who Do We Work With?

The Elle Group specializes in coaching a diverse range of female executives, encompassing leaders of startup businesses to heads of growing companies and owners of family businesses. While we all face common challenges, we at the Elle Group understand that your individual journey and growth processes may vary.

To cater to our client's unique needs, we offer various coaching packages designed specifically for different types of executives. We invite you to explore our Services section, where you will find detailed information about the various coaching options available. 

Each package is thoughtfully crafted to address specific concerns and provide targeted support, ensuring you receive the guidance and resources that best align with your circumstances.

Whether you are seeking assistance in navigating the early stages of a startup, overcoming hurdles during the growth phase of your company, or managing the complexities of a family business, The Elle Group is here to provide you with the tailored coaching experience you need.

Visit OUR SERVICES section to discover the coaching packages that best serve your unique situation and propel you toward greater success.

Why work with The Elle Group?

The Elle Group comprises a group of highly knowledgeable and accomplished women who possess not only real-world experience but also the desired credentials to serve as your coaches. Among them, Laura Beechwood, the founder of The Elle Group, brings with her twenty-five years of experience leading a startup company to achieve a global presence. In addition to her extensive background, Laura has served on private and non-profit boards dedicated to empowering women. To learn more about Laura and our other exceptional coaches, please visit the ABOUT US section on our website.

At our core, we are committed to our brand promise of recognizing the inherent potential for exceptional leadership within each of our clients. Through our coaching services, we strive to elevate their impact, enhance their focus, and promote their overall well-being.

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